Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Yoga Night

This Will be a fun event for Children and their families!  It is a fundraiser for Lewis Elementary and this class will be very family friendly with poses for all abilities.  I will be incorporating games, stories, and laughter to keep children and their families fully engaged in the process of yoga.  If you are new to yoga and you need some tips, see the information below.

Family yoga will be in the cafeteria at Lewis Elementary 4401 SE Evergreen St.  Portland, OR 97206.  

Class is scheduled to begin at 6:30, so come a few minutes early to check in, pay your fee, and get set up.  I will have some yoga mats for people to use.  Please bring a mat if you have one.  

I know that children will need to eat before class, but try to leave some space between dinner and class, also a big cheese burger and fries right before class is probably not a good idea, keep it light.  

Wear comfortable clothing that will move with you.  Skirts, dresses, or jeans are not really appropriate for class.

Bring a water bottle if you think you need one.  There are drinking fountains at the school.

As always, if you feel a posture or movement is inappropriate for you body, please feel free to sit out for that movement or try something else.  I want everyone to come out happy and feeling great.

This class is appropriate for children who can follow directions.  I put age 5 on the sheet, but if you have a child who is a little younger that can handle coming to class, please feel free to bring them.  Please do not bring children younger than 3.  Children under 3 can learn yoga, but they have very different needs from older children.

Please email me if you have questions.

I hope to see you there.