Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer is here!!  And so is the new summer schedule.  I just edited the old one.  The only changes are to the Monday and Thursday class times.  They are both moving to the early bird times of 6:00a.m.   I know this is early, but what a great way to start your day.  

In preparation for teaching an outdoor class this summer, I have moved my yoga practice outdoors.  Earlier this year, I was inspired by one of my students and her yoga practice.  She shared with me that most of the year, she practices outdoors in the early morning.  

I have practiced some yoga on the beach, but until recently not in my own backyard.  So these past few days of practicing outdoors has added a new dimension to my experience on the mat.  I would highly recommend it if you haven't tried it.  I have enjoyed gazing at the puffy white clouds thrown up in the blue sky as I breathe in side-warrior or triangle.  There is the green smell of the gardens and grass and the coolness of the air as my breath flows in.  The birds are the background music for my movement through the poses.  At the end, I feel calm and very ready for my day.